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Updated:30 Sep 2014 03:34:00 PM(IST)

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Axis Mutual Fund

Axis Mutual Fund was set up on September 4, 2009 and sponsored by Axis Bank Limited. Assets of Axis Mutual Fund are managed by Axis Asset Management Company Limited which January 13, 2009. Mentioned below are the schemes offered by Axis Mutual Fund for investment in India:

All Schemes 1mth 3mth 6mth 1yr 3yr 5yr NAV Size*
Axis Midcap Fund(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) 4.308.6647.7689.13NANA22.09620.21
Axis Midcap Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 4.298.6547.8389.05NANA22.10620.21
Axis Midcap Fund(D) (FMP) 4.178.3146.4486.3030.43NA20.00620.21
Axis Midcap Fund(G) (FMP) 4.198.3046.3886.1630.43NA21.65620.21
Axis LT Equity Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 2.7814.6036.9374.88NANA26.202220.28
Axis LT Equity Fund(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) 2.7214.5636.8574.73NANA22.322220.28
Axis LT Equity Fund(G) (FMP) 2.6014.1935.8172.5329.22NA25.662220.28
Axis LT Equity Fund(D) (FMP) 2.6014.1935.8172.5129.21NA20.452220.28
Axis Equity Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 2.095.9825.9941.80NANA18.081078.53
Axis Equity Fund(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) 2.126.0225.7141.58NANA14.961078.53
Axis Equity Fund(G) (FMP) 2.015.6525.1840.3222.21NA17.751078.53
Axis Equity Fund(D) (FMP) 2.015.5925.1540.2622.20NA14.731078.53
Axis Focused 25 Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 1.826.8924.6635.67NANA15.67135.51
Axis Focused 25 Fund(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) 1.306.3724.0235.01NANA15.54135.51
Axis Focused 25 Fund(G) (FMP) 1.726.5823.9334.32NANA15.38135.51
Axis Focused 25 Fund(D) (FMP) 1.726.5823.8334.32NANA15.38135.51
Axis CPO Fund-Sr 4(G) (Equity Diversified) 7.1020.5032.9722.08NANA13.93202.97
Axis CPO Fund-Sr 4(D) (Equity Diversified) 7.1020.5032.9722.08NANA13.93202.97
Axis Income Saver Fund(G)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 17.6521.8326.6321.64NANA14.57319.37
Axis CPO Fund-Sr 1(G) (Short term debt) 6.5515.6926.0620.94NANA14.91277.15
Axis CPO Fund-Sr 1(D) (Short term debt) 6.5515.6926.0620.94NANA14.91277.15
Axis CPO Fund-Sr 3(G) (Equity Diversified) 6.9616.7925.3420.28NANA14.71341.60
Axis CPO Fund-Sr 3(D) (Short term debt) 6.9616.7925.3420.28NANA14.71341.60
Axis Income Saver Fund(QD)-Direct Plan (Liquid) 17.0421.5225.3920.24NANA12.02319.37
Axis Income Saver Fund(G) (Short term debt) 16.2020.2024.3719.7111.27NA14.27319.37
Axis CPO Fund-Sr 2(D) (Equity Diversified) 9.7818.6926.3719.30NANA14.33209.02
Axis CPO Fund-Sr 2(G) (Short term debt) 9.7818.6926.3719.30NANA14.33209.02
Axis CPO Fund-Sr 5(G) (Liquid) 8.1019.8430.2418.82NANA13.20333.41
Axis CPO Fund-Sr 5(D) (Short term debt) 8.1119.8530.2418.82NANA13.20333.41
Axis Income Saver Fund(AD) (Short term debt) 16.2520.2024.3718.7510.41NA11.85319.37
Axis Income Saver Fund(HD) (Liquid) 7.3817.1222.7318.2210.13NA11.48319.37
Axis Income Saver Fund(QD) (Liquid) 10.5218.2122.2217.8110.08NA11.27319.37
Axis Triple Advantage Fund(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) 12.4913.5221.2717.29NANA12.46516.90
Axis Triple Advantage Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 12.3313.4721.2417.27NANA14.47516.90
Axis Hybrid Fund-3(G) (Short term debt) 5.245.5716.8416.30NANA14.02107.47
Axis Hybrid Fund-3(D) (FMP) 5.245.5716.8416.30NANA14.02107.47
Axis Triple Advantage Fund(G) (FMP) 11.7012.6019.3515.759.97NA14.20516.90
Axis Triple Advantage Fund(D) (Equity Diversified) 11.7012.6016.8014.409.24NA11.58516.90
Axis Income Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 17.1111.2613.0812.58NANA12.45139.99
Axis Dynamic Bond Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 17.7010.5912.4511.47NANA13.44214.78
Axis Income Fund(G) (Short term debt) 16.1310.2511.8111.45NANA12.26139.99
Axis Income Fund(QD)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 10.999.1610.9110.85NANA10.53139.99
Axis Short Term Fund(G)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 11.719.2410.1610.68NANA14.56774.72
Axis Income Fund(HD) (FMP) 6.496.9710.119.98NANA10.53139.99
Axis Dynamic Bond Fund(QD)-Direct Plan (FMP) 11.608.5110.309.98NANA10.58214.78
Axis Banking Debt Fund(G)-Direct Plan (Liquid) 8.778.559.099.90NANA1225.21665.57
Axis Dynamic Bond Fund(G) (FMP) 16.289.1510.839.908.07NA13.15214.78
Axis Short Term Fund-Ret(G) (Short term debt) 10.808.329.229.738.67NA14.19774.72
Axis Short Term Fund(G) (Short term debt) 10.778.319.219.738.86NA14.35774.72
Axis Income Fund(QD) (Short term debt) 9.928.149.649.72NANA10.36139.99
Axis Treasury Advantage Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 8.648.518.939.71NANA1496.951226.35
Axis Banking Debt Fund(G) (Liquid) 8.578.348.889.68NANA1221.25665.57
Axis Liquid Fund(G)-Direct Plan (Balanced) 8.678.688.979.42NANA1485.307434.01
Axis Constant Maturity 10 Year Fund(G)-Direct Plan (Equity Diversified) 17.3810.9212.149.42NANA11.5652.63
Axis Liquid Fund(G) (Equity Diversified) 8.618.618.909.359.36NA1483.597434.01
Axis Treasury Advantage Fund(G) (FMP) 8.027.908.389.219.36NA1487.411226.35
Axis Constant Maturity 10 Year Fund(G) (Short term debt) 16.8210.3711.568.95NANA11.4552.63
Axis Liquid-Ret(G) (FMP)
Axis Constant Maturity 10 Year Fund(D)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 14.988.7710.228.42NANA10.3452.63
Axis Dynamic Bond Fund(QD) (FMP)
Axis Treasury Advantage-Ret(G) (Equity Diversified) 7.437.297.688.408.50NA1420.751226.35
Axis Constant Maturity 10 Year Fund(HD) (Equity Diversified) 10.678.2710.488.39NANA10.4552.63
Axis Short Term Fund(MD)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 9.667.247.958.38NANA10.14774.72
Axis Dynamic Bond Fund(HD) (FMP) 6.535.849.118.376.75NA10.41214.78
Axis Short Term Fund(D)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 9.457.217.958.22NANA10.26774.72
Axis Constant Maturity 10 Year Fund(D) (Balanced) 14.578.379.948.10NANA10.0852.63
Axis Treasury Advantage Fund(WD)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 6.916.636.957.93NANA1004.831226.35
Axis Banking Debt Fund(MD)-Direct Plan (Fund of funds) 6.806.647.077.64NANA1004.19665.57
Axis Banking Debt Fund(DD)-Direct Plan (FMP) 6.836.567.017.63NANA1005.20665.57
Axis Short Term Fund(MD) (Short term debt) 8.956.557.267.567.43NA10.10774.72
Axis Short Term Fund-Ret(MD) (Short term debt) 8.976.557.237.557.20NA10.04774.72
Axis Treasury Advantage Fund(DD)-Direct Plan (Gilt) 6.726.626.927.53NANA1004.681226.35
Axis Short Term Fund-Ret(D) (Short term debt) 8.746.507.227.527.31NA10.17774.72
Axis Short Term Fund(D) (Short term debt) 8.736.497.227.527.48NA10.16774.72
Axis Treasury Advantage Fund(MD)-Direct Plan (FMP) 6.736.626.947.51NANA1002.411226.35
Axis Banking Debt Fund(DD) (FMP) 6.676.496.897.48NANA1005.20665.57
Axis Banking Debt Fund(MD) (Liquid) 6.646.496.917.47NANA1004.18665.57
Axis Banking Debt Fund(WD) (Short term debt) 6.826.506.937.45NANA1005.48665.57
Axis Liquid Fund(DD)-Direct Plan (Liquid) 6.756.826.957.30NANA1000.317434.01
Axis Liquid Fund(MD)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 6.766.756.957.27NANA1000.807434.01
Axis Liquid Fund(WD)-Direct Plan (FMP) 6.946.776.967.27NANA1003.537434.01
Axis Liquid Fund(DD) (Liquid) 6.706.786.917.247.27NA1000.317434.01
Axis Liquid Fund(MD) (Short term debt) 6.716.706.907.227.27NA1000.857434.01
Axis Liquid Fund(WD) (FMP) 6.896.726.917.217.43NA1003.527434.01
Axis Treasury Advantage Fund(DD) (Short term debt)
Axis Treasury Advantage Fund(WD) (Short term debt) 6.426.166.537.137.79NA1003.551226.35
Axis Treasury Advantage Fund(MD) (FMP)
Axis Liquid-Ret(DD) (FMP) 6.316.386.506.826.89NA1000.317434.01
Axis Liquid-Ret(WD) (FMP) 6.496.336.516.806.88NA1001.567434.01
Axis Liquid-Ret(MD) (FMP) 6.326.316.506.806.88NA1000.767434.01
Axis Treasury Advantage-Ret(DD) (Short term debt) 5.795.675.966.537.08NA1003.111226.35
Axis Treasury Advantage-Ret(WD) (Short term debt) 5.945.695.996.517.08NA1003.251226.35
Axis Treasury Advantage-Ret(MD) (Tax Saving) 5.785.675.976.517.07NA1002.371226.35
Axis Banking Debt Fund(WD)-Direct Plan (Balanced) 6.922.804.915.79NANA1005.51665.57
Axis Gold Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) -27.31-16.57-14.85-9.89NANA9.82106.16
Axis Gold Fund(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) -27.26-16.86-14.99-9.96NANA9.81106.16
Axis Gold ETF (Fund of funds) -42.19-17.85-11.84-10.26-0.21NA2553.22307.11
Axis Gold Fund(D) (FMP) -28.58-18.15-16.41-11.22NANA9.60106.16
Axis Gold Fund(G) (FMP) -28.58-18.15-16.41-11.22NANA9.59106.16
*Size of the scheme (i.e. corpus) is in Rupees crores

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