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Updated:02 Sep 2014 12:03:00 PM(IST)

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Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund came into existence in 1994. The mutual fund is managed by Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Ltd. (BSLAMC) which is joint venture between the Aditya Birla Group and the Sun Life Financial Services Inc. of Canada. Mentioned below are the schemes offered by Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund for investment in India:

All Schemes 1mth 3mth 6mth 1yr 3yr 5yr NAV Size*
Birla SL Pure Value Fund(D)-Direct Plan 1.324.6470.09117.54NANA28.83248.58
Birla SL Pure Value Fund(G)-Direct Plan 1.344.6669.86117.20NANA32.93248.58
Birla SL Pure Value Fund(D) 1.274.4369.36115.8328.3521.4623.54248.58
Birla SL Pure Value Fund(G) 1.274.4369.32115.7828.3721.4732.60248.58
Birla SL Infrastructure Fund(G)-Direct Plan 2.248.2655.9998.98NANA23.32657.52
Birla SL Infrastructure Fund(D)-Direct Plan 2.238.0355.4498.39NANA16.01657.52
Birla SL Infrastructure Fund(G) 2.178.0155.3597.5218.299.1823.07657.52
Birla SL Infrastructure Fund(D) 2.187.7254.8996.8318.179.1214.09657.52
Birla SL Infrastructure Fund(DR) 2.187.7254.8996.8318.179.1214.09657.52
Birla SL India Reforms Fund(G)-Direct Plan 1.536.2351.2089.06NANA12.6150.05
Birla SL India Reforms Fund(D)-Direct Plan 1.456.2351.1488.92NANA12.6250.05
Birla SL India Reforms Fund(G) 1.466.0250.7887.6911.79NA12.5050.05
Birla SL India Reforms Fund(D) 1.355.9950.7487.6411.78NA11.6650.05
Birla SL Midcap Fund(D)-Direct Plan 2.7212.0341.6085.95NANA31.761256.62
Birla SL Midcap Fund(G)-Direct Plan 2.7012.0241.6185.90NANA169.111256.62
Birla SL Midcap Fund(D) 2.6411.7640.9984.4919.6813.9526.441256.62
Birla SL Midcap Fund(G) 2.6311.7340.9884.4819.6713.94167.161256.62
Birla SL Small & Midcap Fund(G)-Direct Plan 1.719.3142.5782.90NANA19.50121.02
Birla SL Small & Midcap Fund(D)-Direct Plan 1.719.2742.5182.83NANA18.90121.02
Birla SL Equity Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 1.539.1443.5582.28NANA423.861073.66
Birla SL Equity Fund(D)-Direct Plan (Balanced) 1.539.1443.5182.20NANA95.981073.66
Birla SL Small & Midcap Fund(D) 1.628.9941.8781.2819.9816.3516.59121.02
Birla SL Small & Midcap Fund(G) 1.628.9841.8581.2619.9716.3419.24121.02
Birla SL Equity Fund(G) (Equity Diversified) 1.458.8842.9280.8424.0513.94418.891073.66
Birla SL Equity Fund(D) (Short term debt) 1.458.8942.8580.7624.0313.9390.051073.66
Birla SL Special Situations Fund(G)-Direct Plan 2.279.6145.0179.24NANA14.72141.34
Birla SL Special Situations Fund(D)-Direct Plan 2.279.6144.9879.21NANA14.71141.34
Birla SL Special Situations Fund(G) 2.219.4444.5578.1620.7310.6414.58141.34
Birla SL Special Situations Fund(D) 2.219.4344.5578.1520.7210.6414.57141.34
Birla SL MNC Fund(D)-Direct Plan 6.6121.8046.3977.20NANA140.07637.68
Birla SL India Opportunities Fund(G)-Direct Plan 4.2118.3234.6175.81NANA93.5374.71
Birla SL India Opportunities Fund(D)-Direct Plan 4.2218.1834.2475.39NANA28.1574.71
Birla SL Advantage Fund(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) 3.438.6438.5775.33NANA101.43457.43
Birla SL Advantage Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 3.438.6538.2875.16NANA239.65457.43
Birla SL India Opportunities Fund(DR) 4.1918.2334.3775.0728.7016.4825.8874.71
Birla SL India Opportunities Fund(D) 4.1918.2334.3775.0728.7016.4825.8874.71
Birla SL India Opportunities Fund(G) 4.1518.2134.3574.9728.6916.4992.8274.71
Birla SL Advantage Fund(D) (Liquid) 3.388.5238.0874.4020.5412.00100.79457.43
Birla SL Advantage Fund(G) (FMP) 3.398.5237.9574.2520.4912.01237.92457.43
Birla SL MNC Fund(G)-Direct Plan 6.6121.8046.4173.64NANA413.03637.68
Birla SL Buy India Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 4.6318.8339.7072.88NANA71.6442.77
Birla SL Buy India Fund(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) 4.6218.8239.7372.87NANA34.2242.77
Birla SL MNC Fund(G) 6.5421.5745.8472.4725.7024.27409.21637.68
Birla SL MNC Fund(DR) 6.5421.5745.8172.4425.7024.01120.73637.68
Birla SL MNC Fund(D) 6.5421.5745.8172.4425.7024.01120.73637.68
Birla SL Buy India Fund(G) (Equity Diversified) 4.5818.6239.2671.9122.4717.9570.9842.77
Birla SL Buy India Fund(DR) (Equity Diversified) 4.5918.6439.2471.8822.4717.8233.9242.77
Birla SL Buy India Fund(D) (FMP) 4.5918.6439.2471.8822.4717.8233.9242.77
Birla SL LT Advantage Fund(D)-Direct Plan 3.4911.1337.8170.74NANA21.36164.02
Birla SL LT Advantage Fund(G)-Direct Plan 3.4911.0037.6470.55NANA23.11164.02
Birla SL LT Advantage Fund(D) 3.4510.8737.3069.4822.2815.7219.18164.02
Birla SL LT Advantage Fund(G) 3.4410.9237.2469.3822.2715.7122.85164.02
Birla SL Dividend Yield Plus(D)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 3.7410.4540.1568.42NANA18.291102.63
Birla SL Dividend Yield Plus(G)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 3.7410.4440.1468.40NANA127.111102.63
Birla SL Top 100 Fund(D)-Direct Plan 3.398.7635.3967.85NANA21.98667.79
Birla SL Top 100 Fund(G)-Direct Plan 3.398.7035.3667.82NANA38.57667.79
Birla SL Tax Plan(G)-Direct Plan 3.7613.9734.3167.42NANA22.35158.49
Birla SL Tax Plan(D)-Direct Plan 3.7614.0034.2867.30NANA73.61158.49
Birla SL Dividend Yield Plus(G) (Short term debt) 3.6710.2139.6267.2116.5716.00125.661102.63
Birla SL Dividend Yield Plus(DR) (Short term debt) 3.6610.1339.4766.9716.4715.8115.871102.63
Birla SL Dividend Yield Plus(D) (Short term debt) 3.6610.1339.4766.9716.4715.8115.871102.63
Birla SL Top 100 Fund(DR) 3.328.3834.6766.6123.7515.8717.05667.79
Birla SL Top 100 Fund(D) 3.328.3834.6766.6123.7515.8717.05667.79
Birla SL Top 100 Fund(G) 3.328.4634.7766.5023.7515.8738.12667.79
Birla SL Tax Plan(G) 3.7213.7833.8266.2121.2313.8922.04158.49
Birla SL Tax Plan(D) 3.7013.7433.6266.0521.1713.8564.80158.49
Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 3.419.6333.9462.86NANA145.436161.92
Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund(D)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 3.419.6333.9062.80NANA32.436161.92
Birla SL Frontline Equity (Trigger Facility)(G) (Balanced) 3.339.3833.3461.4623.4015.51143.516161.92
Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund(G) (FMP) 3.339.3833.3461.4623.4015.51143.516161.92
Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund(DR) (FMP) 3.379.3833.2861.3823.3615.5027.636161.92
Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund(D) (Balanced) 3.379.3833.2861.3823.3615.5027.636161.92
Birla SL India GenNext Fund(G)-Direct Plan 4.4113.0631.1554.85NANA43.11197.03
Birla SL India GenNext Fund(D)-Direct Plan (Equity Diversified) 4.4012.9631.0254.67NANA20.42197.03
Birla SL India GenNext Fund(G) (Short term debt) 4.3412.8230.6353.5621.7018.5642.52197.03
Birla SL India GenNext Fund(D) (Equity Diversified) 4.3312.7030.5053.4021.6318.5118.78197.03
Birla SL RGESS-1(G)-Direct Plan 3.187.5228.8552.35NANA14.2952.28
Birla SL RGESS-1(D)-Direct Plan 3.207.5728.8552.30NANA12.9152.28
Birla SL RGESS-1-Reg(D) 3.177.4328.5651.66NANA12.7052.28
Birla SL RGESS-1-Reg(G) 3.137.3428.5651.50NANA14.1852.28
Birla SL Nifty ETF 2.909.8527.1350.8619.67NA81.651.47
Birla SL Index Fund(D)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 2.758.5526.8150.86NANA26.31850.90
Birla SL Index Fund(D) (Equity Diversified) 2.728.5226.5050.2318.3510.4526.18850.90
Birla SL Index Fund(G) (Short term debt) 2.728.5226.5250.1118.3210.4577.88850.90
Birla SL Index Fund(G)-Direct Plan (Balanced) 2.758.5726.6149.75NANA77.77850.90
Birla SL Asset Alloc-Aggr(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 2.276.8021.7545.20NANA45.329.14
Birla SL Asset Alloc-Aggr(G) (FMP) 2.276.8021.7545.2012.6110.3045.329.14
Birla SL Asset Alloc-Aggr(D) (FMP) 0.084.5019.1442.0811.809.8241.219.14
Birla SL Asset Alloc-Aggr(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) -0.024.4019.0241.94NANA41.149.14
Birla SL New Millennium Fund(G)-Direct Plan 2.4116.409.1738.62NANA31.4474.84
Birla SL New Millennium Fund(D)-Direct Plan 2.4116.269.0438.47NANA16.1674.84
Birla SL New Millennium Fund(G) 2.3716.058.6737.5125.3712.5131.0974.84
Birla SL New Millennium Fund(D) 2.4016.118.6737.5025.4012.3719.1774.84
Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-B(D)-Direct Plan 1.225.6620.5235.70NANA12.89120.17
Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-B(G)-Direct Plan 1.225.6620.5235.70NANA12.89120.17
Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-B(G) 1.175.5120.1934.9715.579.5012.78120.17
Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-B(DR) 1.175.5120.1934.9715.579.5012.78120.17
Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-B(D) 1.175.5120.1934.9715.579.5012.78120.17
Birla SL Asset Alloc-Mod(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 19.4922.1833.3934.42NANA37.834.26
Birla SL Asset Alloc-Mod(G) (FMP) 19.4722.1733.3834.4211.919.6737.834.26
Birla SL Asset Alloc-Mod(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) 19.4722.1733.3834.42NANA37.834.26
Birla SL Asset Alloc-Mod(D) (FMP) 19.4722.1733.3834.4211.919.6737.834.26
Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 7 (FMP) 6.5217.3242.6933.46NANA14.71141.66
Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 12 (FMP) 24.5226.4341.8029.80NANA13.89112.27
Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 13 (FMP) 17.1424.4141.4928.89NANA13.3268.37
Birla SL MIP II-Wealth 25(G)-Direct Plan 20.2820.6229.2726.95NANA25.67224.29
Birla SL MIP II-Wealth 25(MD)-Direct Plan 20.2820.6229.2726.93NANA14.44224.29
Birla SL MIP II-Wealth 25(Payment) 19.6319.9328.5726.5012.9710.1925.47224.29
Birla SL MIP II-Wealth 25(G) 19.6319.9328.5726.2212.299.7925.47224.29
Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 14 (FMP) 23.8225.2239.4026.20NANA12.7049.16
Birla SL MIP II-Wealth 25(MD) 19.6318.3526.9024.3111.048.6312.77224.29
Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 10 (Short term debt) 15.5012.5017.9518.70NANA12.4263.37
Birla SL Asset Alloc-Cons(D) (FMP) 8.3312.9920.5918.418.667.5426.592.64
Birla SL Asset Alloc-Cons(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 8.3212.9920.5918.41NANA26.592.64
Birla SL Asset Alloc-Cons(G) (FMP) 8.3312.9920.5918.418.667.5426.592.64
Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 11 (FMP) 14.0212.0717.7517.88NANA11.92105.50
Birla SL Monthly Income(G)-Direct Plan 11.0312.2918.7717.77NANA48.34259.19
Birla SL CPO Fund-Sr 9 (Gilt) 15.1512.4817.7617.13NANA12.4274.21
Birla SL Monthly Income(G) 10.3711.6118.0917.048.738.1547.84259.19
Birla SL MIP II-Savings 5(G)-Direct Plan 10.5013.0618.5216.78NANA24.19227.04
Birla SL MIP II-Savings 5(Payment) 10.1012.6518.0516.5210.628.8424.02227.04
Birla SL MIP II-Savings 5(G) 10.1012.6518.0516.269.948.4324.02227.04
Birla SL MIP II-Savings 5(MD)-Direct Plan 10.4911.5016.8815.75NANA12.68227.04
Birla SL Monthly Income(MD)-Direct Plan 3.977.2714.7515.54NANA12.49259.19
Birla SL Monthly Income(QD)-Direct Plan 11.0310.5415.7914.78NANA12.41259.19
Birla SL Monthly Income(MD) 8.818.1915.4314.737.196.8111.71259.19
Birla SL Monthly Income(QD) 10.379.6015.9914.527.477.0812.11259.19
Birla SL MIP II-Savings 5(MD) 10.1111.0916.4514.498.727.3812.17227.04
Birla SL Medium Term Fund(G)-Direct Plan 7.299.8112.3013.94NANA16.063285.43
Birla SL FTP-GI(G)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 7.639.2111.4713.93NANA11.50357.70
Birla SL FTP-GI(D)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 7.659.2111.4713.92NANA11.50357.70
Birla SL FTP-GI-Reg(G) (FMP) 7.599.1711.4313.69NANA11.45357.70
Birla SL FTP-GI-Reg(D) (FMP) 7.599.1711.4313.69NANA11.45357.70
Birla SL FTP-EN(G) (Index) 7.998.4411.5813.19NANA12.53109.30
Birla SL FTP-EN(D) (Short term debt) 7.998.4411.5813.19NANA12.53109.30
Birla SL Gilt Plus-PF(G)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 2.8813.4817.2913.19NANA34.0331.65
Birla SL FTP-FB(G) (FMP) 8.468.7010.3413.15NANA12.56167.58
Birla SL FTP-FB(D) (FMP) 8.468.7010.3413.15NANA12.56167.58
Birla SL FTP-GI(QD)-Direct Plan (Equity Diversified) 7.637.9110.2513.10NANA10.80357.70
Birla SL Medium Term Fund(D) 6.549.0411.5113.1010.158.4511.793285.43
Birla SL Medium Term-Inst(G) 6.539.0411.5113.0910.889.0715.443285.43
Birla SL Medium Term Fund(G) 6.549.0411.5113.0910.869.1715.913285.43
Birla SL FTP-FE(G) (FMP) 8.258.8610.3213.00NANA12.35139.06
Birla SL FTP-FE(D) (FMP) 8.258.8610.3213.00NANA12.35139.06
Birla SL FTP-GI-Reg(QD) (FMP) 7.597.9210.2812.92NANA10.77357.70
Birla SL FTP-EH(G) (FMP) 8.959.0310.4612.81NANA12.52191.93
Birla SL FTP-EH(D) (FMP) 8.959.0310.4612.81NANA12.52191.93
Birla SL ST Opportunities Fund(D)-Direct Plan 6.888.5611.4212.76NANA13.803609.13
Birla SL FTP-ER(D) (FMP) 8.508.7410.1712.59NANA12.44158.89
Birla SL FTP-ER(G) (FMP) 8.508.7410.1712.59NANA12.44158.89
Birla SL Gilt Plus-PF(G) (Short term debt) 2.2312.8116.6712.539.347.6233.8031.65
Birla SL ST Opportunities Fund-Inst(G) 6.488.0810.8612.4010.529.3115.723609.13
Birla SL ST Opportunities Fund(DR) 6.478.0810.7411.988.946.1713.673609.13
Birla SL ST Opportunities Fund(D) 6.478.0810.7411.9810.138.8113.673609.13
Birla SL ST Opportunities Fund(G) 6.488.0810.7411.9810.359.2121.373609.13
Birla SL FTP-FW(G) (FMP) 7.227.6610.0411.94NANA11.89127.91
Birla SL FTP-FW(D) (FMP) 7.227.6610.0411.94NANA11.89127.91
Birla SL FTP-FZ(G) (Liquid) 7.467.669.8211.75NANA11.5930.16
Birla SL FTP-FZ(D) (FMP) 7.467.669.8211.75NANA11.5930.16
Birla SL FTP-FX(G) (FMP) 7.267.569.8511.68NANA11.7728.65
Birla SL FTP-FX(D) (FMP) 7.267.569.8511.68NANA11.7728.65
Birla SL Medium Term Fund(HD) 6.549.049.3911.569.658.1611.103285.43
Birla SL Short Term Fund(G)-Direct Plan 7.428.3010.8211.51NANA49.165171.45
Birla SL Short Term Fund(G) 7.328.1910.7311.409.498.3449.075171.45
Birla SL Short Term Fund(DAP) 7.328.1910.7311.409.498.3415.075171.45
Birla SL FTP-GC(G) (FMP) 7.167.549.7111.25NANA11.5033.97
Birla SL FTP-GC(D) (Liquid) 7.167.549.7111.25NANA11.5033.97
Birla SL Dynamic Bond Fund-Ret(G) (Tax Saving) 0.386.3511.0511.248.998.2022.088710.39
Birla SL Dynamic Bond Fund-DAP(G) (Short term debt) 0.396.3511.0511.248.998.2115.288710.39
Birla SL Cash Plus(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) 23.8113.8511.9611.18NANA115.4621938.00
Birla SL Cash Mgr Fund(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 8.828.8910.0310.79NANA323.715009.13
Birla SL Savings Fund(G)-Direct Plan 8.848.759.8210.64NANA255.467016.91
Birla SL Medium Term Fund(QD) 6.546.498.7910.629.347.9310.483285.43
Birla SL FRF-Long Term Plan(G)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 8.248.599.6610.55NANA159.231446.64
Birla SL G-Sec-LT(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 1.568.0012.9410.55NANA37.01354.30
Birla SL Savings Fund(G) 8.768.669.7210.549.638.44255.087016.91
Birla SL ST Opportunities Fund(QD)-Direct Plan 6.876.439.1110.53NANA10.743609.13
Birla SL Cash Mgr-Inst(G) (FMP)
Birla SL Savings-Ret(G) 8.768.669.7010.399.408.12246.827016.91
Birla SL FRF-Long Term Plan(G) (FMP) 7.998.339.4210.309.748.96158.751446.64
Birla SL G-Sec-LT(G) (FMP) 1.367.8012.7510.177.998.1636.82354.30
Birla SL FRF-Long Term Plan-Ret(G) (FMP) 7.998.339.3910.159.568.75229.601446.64
Birla SL Inv Inc-QS I(G)-Direct Plan 9.358.869.4610.11NANA17.5813.37
Birla SL Inv Inc-QS I-Ret(G) 9.348.869.4510.109.588.3617.5813.37
Birla SL Inv Inc-QS-I-Inst(G) 9.338.869.4510.099.59NA14.3413.37
Birla SL Gilt Plus-PF(QD)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 2.8810.3213.869.97NANA10.7431.65
Birla SL Cash Mgr Fund(G) (FMP)
Birla SL ST Opportunities Fund(QD) 6.495.948.479.818.98NA10.603609.13
Birla SL Cash Plus(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) 8.558.699.299.77NANA213.6221938.00
Birla SL Cash Plus(G) (FMP) 8.478.609.209.709.458.23213.4321938.00
Birla SL FRF-Short Term Plan(G)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 8.558.719.239.69NANA177.195770.76
Birla SL FRF-Short Term Plan(G) (Short term debt) 8.478.639.169.629.488.31177.045770.76
Birla SL Dynamic Bond Fund-Ret(MD) (Balanced) 0.374.609.279.507.497.0110.408710.39
Birla SL Cash Plus-Inst(G) (FMP) 8.478.609.159.469.157.87355.4221938.00
Birla SL FRF-Short Term Plan-Ret(G) (Short term debt) 8.478.639.109.449.238.15218.175770.76
Birla SL Qrtly Inv 4(G) 8.438.548.649.399.478.3917.173.77
Birla SL Inv Inc-QS I(D)-DIrect Plan -1.355.2110.469.38NANA10.0113.37
Birla SL Cash Plus-Ret(G) (Short term debt) 8.478.609.119.338.907.61346.3421938.00
Birla SL Short Term Fund(MD)-Direct Plan 5.235.898.289.30NANA11.735171.45
Birla SL Gilt Plus-PF(QD) (Short term debt) 2.239.6613.249.307.676.5010.6031.65
Birla SL Income Plus(G)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) -0.636.9612.759.24NANA56.983459.95
Birla SL Short Term Fund(MD) 5.175.818.209.187.647.0611.725171.45
Birla SL Gilt Plus-Liquid(G)-Direct Plan (Short term debt)
Birla SL Income Plus(G) (Index) -1.136.4512.228.787.396.8056.463459.95
Birla SL Income Plus(DAP) (Short term debt) -1.126.4512.228.787.406.8114.243459.95
Birla SL Income Plus(QD)-Direct Plan (Equity Diversified) -0.635.0811.758.73NANA12.863459.95
Birla SL Gilt Plus-Liquid(G) (Short term debt) 7.927.978.188.718.477.4829.3918.53
Birla SL Enhanced Arbitrage Fund(G)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 5.376.729.138.61NANA14.2999.78
Birla SL G-Sec-ST(G)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 7.968.068.058.49NANA11.150.87
Birla SL Cash Mgr Fund(WD)-Direct Plan (FMP) 6.516.857.788.33NANA100.165009.13
Birla SL Cash Mgr Fund(DD)-Direct Plan (FMP) 6.676.847.748.30NANA100.365009.13
Birla SL Income Plus(QD) (Balanced) -1.134.5711.238.276.576.2312.683459.95
Birla SL G-Sec-ST(G) (Short term debt) 7.657.747.768.197.846.6724.580.87
Birla SL Enhanced Arbitrage Fund(G) (Short term debt) 5.186.549.
Birla SL Enhanced Arbitrage Fund(D) (Fund of funds) 5.176.529.
Birla SL Savings Fund(DD)-Direct Plan 6.686.737.578.16NANA100.307016.91
Birla SL Savings Fund(WD) 6.936.637.578.167.997.11100.257016.91
Birla SL Savings Fund(DD) 6.616.667.508.117.997.10100.307016.91
Birla SL G-Sec-LT(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) 1.578.0010.198.08NANA11.21354.30
Birla SL Dynamic Bond Fund-Ret(QD) (FMP) 0.383.668.338.067.186.8510.928710.39
Birla SL Cash Mgr-Inst(WD) (FMP)
Birla SL Savings-Ret(WD) 6.936.687.588.057.866.87100.257016.91
Birla SL Cash Mgr-Inst(DD) (FMP)
Birla SL Savings-Ret(DD) 6.616.667.497.997.796.81100.307016.91
Birla SL FRF-Long Term Plan(WD) (Short term debt) 5.986.437.297.958.17NA100.051446.64
Birla SL FRF-Long Term Plan(DD) (FMP) 6.056.427.277.938.08NA100.401446.64
Birla SL FRF-Long Term Plan-Ret(WD) (FMP) 5.986.437.277.858.017.44100.051446.64
Birla SL Inv Inc-QS-I-Inst(D) 3.546.887.337.807.997.0910.0113.37
Birla SL Inv Inc-QS I-Ret(D) 3.546.887.337.807.9810.0210.0113.37
Birla SL Cash Mgr Fund(WD) (FMP)
Birla SL G-Sec-LT(D) (FMP) 1.367.809.997.716.286.7810.81354.30
Birla SL Cash Mgr Fund(DD) (FMP) 5.926.177.147.677.46NA100.315009.13
Birla SL Gilt Plus-Reg(G)-Direct Plan (FMP) -2.983.928.207.60NANA38.0747.71
Birla SL Cash Plus(WD)-Direct Plan (FMP) 6.856.947.307.59NANA100.4421938.00
Birla SL Cash Plus(WD) (FMP) 6.786.877.237.537.166.29100.4421938.00
Birla SL Cash Plus(DD)-Direct Plan (FMP) 6.656.757.207.53NANA100.2021938.00
Birla SL Cash Plus(DD) (FMP) 6.596.687.147.487.316.37100.2021938.00
Birla SL FRF-Short Term Plan(WD)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 6.846.817.187.47NANA100.295770.76
Birla SL FRF-Short Term Plan(DD)-Direct Plan (FMP) 6.656.767.157.46NANA100.025770.76
Birla SL Gilt Plus-Reg(G) (Short term debt) -1.684.268.207.435.154.6237.9547.71
Birla SL Gilt Plus-Liquid(AD)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 8.278.345.177.43NANA10.8918.53
Birla SL FRF-Short Term Plan(WD) (Short term debt) 6.776.747.127.427.336.44100.295770.76
Birla SL FRF-Short Term Plan(DD) (FMP) 6.596.717.107.417.335.19100.025770.76
Birla SL Cash Plus-Inst(WD) (FMP) 6.786.877.197.357.096.11108.3021938.00
Birla SL FRF-Short Term Plan-Ret(WD) (Short term debt) 6.776.747.
Birla SL Qrtly Inv 4(D) 8.436.646.717.287.897.1410.143.77
Birla SL Cash Plus-Inst(DD) (FMP) 6.606.687.
Birla SL FRF-Short Term Plan-Ret(DD) (Tax Saving) 6.596.716.997.247.146.26100.025770.76
Birla SL Cash Plus-Ret(DD) (Short term debt) 6.516.657.057.196.905.90163.6921938.00
Birla SL Gilt Plus-Reg(QD) (FMP) -1.682.967.517.084.484.0912.2647.71
Birla SL Gilt Plus-Liquid(AD) (Short term debt) 7.927.964.776.957.306.5310.7218.53
Birla SL CEF-Global Agri(G)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 1.784.115.146.85NANA20.6013.29
Birla SL Gilt Plus-Liquid(QD)-Direct Plan (Balanced) 8.176.496.606.74NANA10.9718.53
Birla SL Gilt Plus-Liquid(QD) (Short term debt) 7.926.246.376.507.236.5110.8918.53
Birla SL G-Sec-ST(DD) (Short term debt) 5.775.895.956.296.425.5210.000.87
Birla SL CEF-Global Agri-Ret(G) (Short term debt) 1.713.914.756.1210.878.0920.4213.29
Birla SL CEF-Global Agri(D)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) 1.784.112.694.36NANA17.7113.29
Birla SL CEF-Global Agri-Ret(D) (Short term debt) 1.713.912.293.639.727.4217.5513.29
Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-A(G)-Direct Plan 0.723.560.251.13NANA15.9273.40
Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-A(D)-Direct Plan 0.723.550.221.09NANA15.9373.40
Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-A(D) 0.663.390.020.6222.2813.2515.7873.40
Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-A(G) 0.663.390.020.5922.2613.2515.7873.40
Birla SL Gold Fund(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) -26.666.38-19.76-12.05NANA9.3658.08
Birla SL Gold Fund(G)-Direct Plan (Short term debt) -26.676.36-19.76-12.06NANA9.3658.08
Birla SL Gold Fund(G) (Short term debt) -26.956.08-20.01-12.30NANA9.3358.08
Birla SL Gold Fund(DR) (FMP) -26.946.03-20.03-12.31NANA9.3358.08
Birla SL Gold Fund(D) (FMP) -26.946.03-20.03-12.31NANA9.3358.08
Birla SL Gold ETF (FMP) -8.561.33-22.04-20.450.15NA2715.0788.42
Birla SL Asset Alloc-Cons(D)-Direct Plan (FMP) 8.3312.99NA-51.76NANA10.832.64
*Size of the scheme (i.e. corpus) is in Rupees crores

Mutual Fund Houses (AMCs) in India

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