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Updated:23 Feb 2017 03:31:00 PM(IST)

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Quantum Mutual Fund

Quantum Mutual Fund is the first dedicated direct-to-investor mutual fund. Founded by Ajit Dayal in 1990, Quantum was the first equity research company of India. Quantum Asset Management Company Private Limited was given the license by SEBI to act as the investment manager of Quantum Mutual Fund. Mentioned below are the schemes offered by Quantum Mutual Fund for investment in India:

All Schemes 1mth 3mth 6mth 1yr 3yr 5yr NAV Size*
Quantum Tax Saving Fund (G) (Tax Saving) 4.6710.536.2834.7321.1115.8447.2554.17
Quantum Tax Saving Fund (D) (Tax Saving) 4.6710.536.2834.7321.1115.8547.2554.17
Quantum Long-Term Equity Fund (G) (Equity Diversified) 4.6210.386.1634.4821.0415.7947.74671.54
Quantum Long-Term Equity Fund (D) (Equity Diversified) 4.6110.366.1334.4721.0415.7848.14671.54
Quantum Index Fund (G) (Debt) 6.5811.313.7727.1914.3811.41958.134.14
Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund (G) (Equity Diversified) -2.26-2.394.6914.99NANA12.0756.98
Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund (Div-M) (Debt) -2.28-2.444.5714.77NANA9.9256.98
Quantum Liquid Fund (G) (Debt) 0.501.463.106.737.738.2022.3891.25
Quantum Liquid Fund (Div-D) (Debt) 0.501.463.086.697.608.1210.0091.25
Quantum Liquid Fund (Div-M) (Debt) 0.501.443.056.627.647.9610.0591.25
Quantum Gold Fund (G) (Exchange traded funds) -0.01-0.67-8.47-2.41-0.73-0.521339.7158.85
*Size of the scheme (i.e. corpus) is in Rupees crores

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