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Updated:21 Jul 2017 03:31:00 PM(IST)

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Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Mutual Funds

Exchange Traded Funds offer combined benefits of a closed-end and an open-end fund. Exchange Traded Funds follow stock market indices and are traded on stock exchanges like a single stock at index linked prices. The biggest advantage of these funds is that they offer diversification and flexibility at the same time. Mentioned below is the list of exchange traded mutual funds in India:

Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Schemes 1 mth 3 mth 6 mth 1 yr 3 yr 5 yr NAV Size*
SBI ETF Nifty Next 50 3.326.9823.1529.33NANA284.1618.70
Kotak Banking ETF 2.5913.3829.4028.25NANA247.723537.89
Reliance ETF PSU Bank BeES 0.740.6515.8720.54-0.473.18391.5483.34
DSP BR Balanced Fund - Direct (Div-Q) 1.134.6413.3619.71NANA15.184811.88
LIC MF ETF Nifty 100 2.718.4219.7918.49NANA104.09265.42
SBI BSE 100 ETF 2.718.4519.8618.48NANA106.101.38
Reliance ETF Nifty 100 2.638.2019.3617.7210.84NA104.947.91
IDFC SSIF - STP - Direct (Div-Periodic) 0.762.183.5517.11NANA12.715191.58
UTI-Nifty ETF 2.618.7719.3616.87NANA1019.803055.13
SBI ETF Nifty 50 2.608.7519.3116.74NANA99.8920024.74
LIC MF ETF NIFTY 2.618.7219.2116.63NANA100.87409.73
ICICI Pru Nifty iWIN ETF 2.588.7219.1716.6210.05NA101.581083.80
HDFC Nifty ETF 2.598.6919.1816.62NANA1010.54161.51
Birla Sun Life Nifty ETF 2.558.6118.8316.4610.2614.80105.30198.87
UTI-Sensex ETF 2.309.2319.1615.94NANA329.01967.96
Kotak NV 20 ETF 4.249.6517.8815.87NANA43.852.41
HDFC Sensex ETF 2.309.2219.1115.84NANA3272.3626.85
LIC MF ETF Sensex 2.329.2319.1015.74NANA326.55304.29
Reliance ETF NV20 4.159.4617.5715.65NANA443.7415.55
ICICI Pru Sensex iWIN ETF 2.269.1018.8215.588.8714.410.003.23
Kotak Sensex ETF 2.299.1818.9615.508.7514.46322.2211.90
ICICI Pru NV20 iWIN ETF 4.079.2617.2015.42NANA43.647.25
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares M50 ETF 2.468.3118.2814.986.7613.5195.3921.05
UTI-Dynamic Bond Fund - Direct (Div-H) 0.423.614.6614.11NANA11.481540.44
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund - Direct (Div-Periodic) 0.202.994.7012.85NANA13.974264.87
AXIS Hybrid Fund - Series 15 - Direct (D) 2.006.9914.1712.17NANA12.13374.30
AXIS Hybrid Fund - Series 15 - Direct (G) 2.006.9914.1712.17NANA12.13374.30
Birla Sun Life Income Plus - Dir (D)
IDFC SSIF - Invest - Direct (Div-Periodic) 6.506.506.5011.11NANA13.671295.85
AXIS Hybrid Fund - Series 15 (G) 1.906.6813.5210.89NANA11.76374.30
AXIS Hybrid Fund - Series 15 (D) 1.906.6813.5210.88NANA11.76374.30
L&T Resurgent India Corporate Bond Fund-Dir(Div-A) 0.742.754.4410.50NANA11.821874.04
IDFC SSIF - MTP - Direct (Div-Periodic) 0.642.333.889.50NANA13.084211.94
ICICI Pru Multiple Yield Fund - Sr.6-Plan C-Reg(G) 0.673.495.539.259.67NA14.2468.17
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund (Div-F) 0.841.913.616.838.07NA10.24696.19
Invesco India Credit Opport Fund - Reg (Div-D) 0.451.342.815.927.507.721002.00923.82
BNP Paribas Medium Term Income Fund - Dir (Div-M) 0.782.593.183.181.05NA10.21487.03
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IDFC Nifty ETF 2.598.5718.98NANANA99.784.72
IDFC Sensex ETF 2.379.2619.07NANANA322.100.75
Canara Robeco Gold ETF -1.20-4.54-3.39-9.25-0.90-2.022652.8057.09
HDFC Gold ETF -1.33-4.13-3.18-11.56-0.84-1.702638.29480.43
IDBI Gold ETF -2.41-5.02-3.90-12.10-0.84-1.722695.4574.06
UTI-Gold ETF -2.47-5.20-4.17-12.39-1.10-1.812572.59444.40
Reliance ETF Gold BeES -2.31-5.04-4.59-12.39-0.92-1.762567.982604.55
Invesco India Gold ETF -2.48-5.23-4.27-12.51-1.40-1.842641.3740.66
Birla Sun Life Gold ETF -2.46-5.22-4.23-12.53-1.10-1.822679.9069.84
Quantum Gold Fund (G) -2.49-5.26-4.30-12.62-1.16-1.871268.4058.24
SBI ETF Gold -2.50-5.27-4.33-12.64-1.11-1.792610.69787.52
Kotak GOLD ETF -2.49-5.28-4.34-12.71-1.19-1.95253.84417.56
ICICI Pru Gold iWIN ETF -2.48-5.45-4.50-12.75-1.18-1.80264.06104.48
AXIS Gold ETF -2.49-5.24-5.98-14.94-2.06-2.432523.23175.22
*Size of the scheme (i.e. corpus) is in Rupees crores

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